Trendspotting, Etsyfinds, and Summer-Gothing

Hello, hello! Since we’re smack in the middle of summer, I figured this might be a good time to break my not-so-quick hiatus. 

First things first: It’s been a few months since I got my Barchusen’s Journey II tights and I still get comments on them all the time! Unfortunately, they ripped a bit in the first month.. I think it was due to a mishap concerning my boots. :c So the run is spreading, and even with this big-assed run up the side, I still get questions and comments on ’em. They’re winners, but I may have to retire them soon. 

So, now. Trendspotting this summer!

Mod-goth American Horror Story Schoolgirl Outfits

Obviously, summer means gauzy fabrics, skirts, and dresses… so it makes perfect sense that one of the freshest goth looks this year would be perfect for the summer. 

This isn’t the first time this look has circulated, but the formula seems to be this, at least in the promos that aired before the show: 

Wide-brimmed black hat + button-up blouse with folded collar, usually white + unforgiving stilettos + plain black skirt of any length + high black socks. This isn’t a look that calls for a lot of accessories – the simpler, the more threatening. 

This is a simple coordinate and it’s somewhat prep-school-y, but it’s interesting to see how this look has blown up. Check out the #americanhorrorstory tag on any form of social media for inspiration. 


This look feels like it’s falling out. Is it, guys? It’s so easy to meld with the nu-grunge look that’s going around that I don’t know how I feel about it right now, but I like the concept. 

It allows you to utilize pastels with spooky imagery for a look that is weirdly reminiscent of guro-kei and deco. I have a passion for any shade of purple and I love to thow in a purple or two with my all-black attire, which makes it easier in the summer. This look is make-up heavy, so if you’re not a big makeup person, twist it around a bit and tell me what you come up with. Lots of bones, bats, and drips in this one. 


Okay, neither of these are technically Etsy.. they’re Storeenvy! Go easy on me. 


This shop has lotsa little gothy accessories and cute rings at good prices. My favorite by far is their moon jewelry – beautiful, glossy cameo necklaces with big, detailed pictures of the moon. 

Witch Baby Soap

This soap company has some of the most adorable chemical-free soaps I’ve ever seen. I think their most distinctive one is their graveyard soap, which is in the shape of a popsicle and has little roses and gravestones in it. 


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