Interview with Caz of Allegory Apparel

Hello, lovely followers! I got the opportunity to speak to the designer behind Allegory Apparel. Caz designs and makes all the products at Allegory and runs her business seamlessly world-wide. I wanted to see what it was like being a young, spooky business owner and she gave me some great information about what it’s been like for her and what people have to do to get into the business. 

1. So, Allegory is a 1-woman production. What has been the toughest 
part of starting up a business for you?

Having the time to keep up with my ideas. Unfortunately working two 
jobs and studying full time has meant Allegory has not had as much 
achieved as I had planned in my head as I’ve simply not had the time to 

2. How did you bring your idea to fruition? Can you outline the process 
for folks who might be looking into design, but don’t even know where to 

I’ve been into design from a young age, started coding websites out of 
HTML and CSS when I was 10, left school early and did a diploma cause 
there wasn’t anything left for me to do at school. I then started doing 
design at University but changed my degree. I have found doing design in 
a tertiary setting drained my inspiration to do it so separating it from 
study was the best thing I could of done for it.
So I suppose my advice is to stand back and contemplate what may be 
affecting you’re flow if you are struggling. Of course not everyone will 
find the same path as me and some will find the boundaries of tertiary 
will work in their favor.

I do not believe that learning the foundational techniques is 
unimportant but by the time I got to university it was very much done to 
death. Working through a proper design process is very important, so if 
you’re struggling with somewhere to start I recommend starting off with 
a brain storm and work through your ideas, making different variations 
and narrowing down what’s best. You may be surprised with the result 
compared to your initial vision and be happy you took the time to do so.

3. Allegory’s designs are very unique, somewhat eerie and religious – 
how did you choose the imagery for the tights?

I’ve been very much inspired by old woodcut works, especially the 
alchemical ones. I browsed my old books and blogs that have scans and 
decided on works by Albrecht Durer and Johann Conrad Barchusen. I 
contemplated using some of my own drawings/paintings for the initial 
series but decided it’d be best to use these classic designs printed as 
‘tattoo tights’ to introduce my aesthetic and concept. I love the idea 
of combing old with new, ancient and modern, integration and adaption, 
cooperating contrast.

4. Was making tights your first choice when you knew you wanted to 
design clothing?

I think so, my other concepts didn’t stand out as much. When the idea 
first came to my head I had only intended on finding a manufacturer to 
make some just for me but soon discovered that one-off quantities were 
not worth while financially so that’s when the idea came to me to share 
it with everyone. Surely if I liked the idea others would too, although 
I didn’t think it would get as much attention as it did so quickly – was 
very stoked!

5. If you could change one thing about the alternative fashion 
industry, what would it be?

Haha, ugh. Certain ‘designers’ who mass-produce pentagrams, occult 
symbolism, edit metal band logos to replace text with pop-culture 
references and other tragically tacky uninspired vapidity targeted for 
their equally boring teeny-bopper audience – I won’t mention names 
because they’re not worth mentioning but I’m sure you can figure out who 
I’m referring to.

6. What’s your absolute favorite thing in your wardrobe right now?

Hard to choose! But my latest favourite purchase must be my ‘Summer of 
Love’ dress by For Love & Lemons. Another wardrobe staple which I can’t 
go without is my Valhalla hoodie by Ovate which my boyfriend bought me 
for my birthday a few years ago. Love it.

7. Where do you see Allegory headed in the next year?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got so many plans for Allegory Apparel. 
Just finding the time to pursue them is the main issue! But best case 
scenario I’d love to be expanding my shop to include the dresses, 
skirts, tanks, accessories etc that I’ve been designing. Just need to 
find the time to drag them from the depths of my mind into physical 
embodiment. So far many of them have got as far as making it on to paper 
but the next step is to make them somewhat more dimensional, haha.
In the next year I’d also like to do more shoots both locally and 
organize some internationally. I’d like to get in touch with more 
like-minded designers, photographers, models, retailers, bloggers etc. I 
already have a few plans of collaboration.


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