Barchusen’s journey II – tattoo tights from Allegory Apparel

It’s been months, I’m bad.

I’ve been stationed over at my newer class blog,, where I’ve been working in the Tenderloin all semester. But that’s if you’re concerned about local issues.

A few weeks ago, I agreed to review a pair of tights from Allegory Apparel, a small alternative clothing line out of New Zealand. It’s a one-person operation that started up in 2013 and currently has three different pairs of tights for sale.

These tights came in all the way from New Zealand (’bout a week of shipping time) and I discovered them in the mail about 20 minutes before I had to sleep. So of course, I tortured myself by taking them out of the package.

Black package, company logo, circular opening where you can see the tight’s pattern. Upon taking them out of the packaging, I just about gasped – they’re the silkiest things I’ve ever owned. I’ve never really delved into the world of high-quality stockings before. These are incredibly silky and the first thing I thought was, oh god, the runs – so I handled them like they were glass and caaarefully put them back in the packaging.


And then I stayed up another half hour, trying to sleep but really just wishing I could try them on.

So today, I rushed home and tried em on.

I wasn’t totally banking on the tattoo effect, but holy moly guys, it came through. These tights are incredibly thin and sheer and they blended right into my skintone, leaving only the tattoo part visible.

So, these are the Barchusen’s journey II – Tattoo tights. They feature alchemical woodcuts on the front and back. There are 4 down the front and three on back, all of them circular. The designs look medieval and the designs are slightly hard to make out unless you get up close – but this doesn’t detract from it, Rather, it makes it look like you’ve got a bunch of cool, evenly-spaced and highly-detailed tattoos.


I took em on a test run to see reactions. I got stopped at Trader Joes by a pair of guys who wanted to check out my tattoos, so I kicked a leg up at them and hollered HAH! I CHEATED! THEY’RE TIGHTS! And they were still impressed.

Just sayin’. These things are amazing. Not particularly warm or colorful, if that’s what you’re looking for, but they’re FREAKIN COOL





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