Best Thing I’ve Bought Lately: ETSYFIND DOUBLE-WHAMMY


Long story short, I spoiled myself and bought this necklace because holy crap yeah and it matches my Frankenstein boots. Image courtesy of Mirrored Opposites over at Etsy. It features diamond-shaped cameos of The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Phantom, and the Bride’s hubby opposite her.


I just think this is a brilliant little piece of work and I’m excited to receive it. Promise I’m not advertising for Mirrored Opposites, I’m just hyped about this necklace. How could you not be? Look at those bats.

Speaking of bats, this prototype of a slip has been taunting me for the past several months. The seller, Cute Lou on Etsy, doesn’t have it available yet but she does have a sheer blouse made out of the same fabric. I can’t stand it. Look at the bats and stars. Where do you even get that fabric?

Anyway. Happy wild consumerism from me to you. I hope all your cooking and gift unwrapping goes just as planned.


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