Layering in SF & Creepy Details

It’s a few days before Thankgiving (I know, I scream every time I remember, too) and people are starting to really bundle up. San Francisco is blessed with a piercing sea wind that goes straight through your layers. And it’s also blessed with fog (direct all complaints to @karlthefog). And rain. And weird misty marine layers.


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On the upside, this is the best season for folks who love wearing black, because obviously, black absorbs heat. But how to layer fashionably (and creepily)? For one, I personally think the goal of this season’s fashion is to look comfy. You may be wearing three shirts, but you don’t want to look like a bundle of clothing, you know? Maybe you’re aching to still show off your style a little – this can get difficult if it’s raining and we’re all lazy. Here are some ideas to get you started looking comfy. Remember, wearing a gigantic scarf wrapped loosely up to your nose is actually really adorable. GO FOR IT. Keep an eye out for crazy sales as the holidays roll closer — I recently snagged a pair of Frankenstein platform boots for half off and lemme tell you, it made my season that much better.

1. It’s sweater season. All-things-knitted season. This means pentagram sweaters, fuzzy striped sweaters, and big cozy hoodies with cute ghosts. Keep it long-sleeved and wear several rings to draw attention to your hands, unless you’re wearing gloves.

Also, this H&M sweater seems to be made for spooky folks. Look at the neckline! Gift me this immediately, everyone.

2. Still dead set on wearing a skirt or dress in the rain? Keep the hem off the ground! To keep yourself warm and a little drier, try some legwarmers over your boots or heels. Your stockings are a good place to break up the monotony – add in a little white or another color to bring attention to your outfit details. (Purple is a good color to add into an all-black outfit. Just deep enough to shake it up a little, but not too much.)

3. Still feeling a little dull about your winter layout? Throw in a creepy little detail, like an eye ring or a bat bow. Or try out a new fragrance – how about ‘Funeral Parlor‘? Are we creeping into cliches here? EMBRACE IT. (Guaranteed way to make someone interested in your beauty product – name it freaking FUNERAL PARLOR.)

Until next time, happy winter shopping. 


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