Keeping It Spooky: Thoughts On “Goth” Living

So you don’t own a leather-bound collection of Poe’s poetry, and there isn’t a single skull anywhere in your house. Are you still goth?

My answer? Absolutely. There will always be a set image of what goth is supposed to be and how you’re supposed to manifest your dress style into your every day life, same with any other form of fashion. In the goth subculture, there’s a weird aspect of competition – if you don’t wear the make up, you’re not it. If you don’t go to goth clubs, you’re not it. If you don’t take yourself 100% seriously, you’re not it.

This scene has struggled with image and change since its inception. There is an ideal “goth” image, but it’s becoming less and less applicable and relevant as the people who embody the style change, as as society changes. (For instance, I’m fairly sure Tweeting isn’t typically “goth” – public oversharing and socializing in a certain designated format on a brightly colored website. However, times have changed, and it’s impractical to avoid social media platforms for the sake of an image.)


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There are more facets of goth than ever before– pastel, cyber, traditional, lolita, deathrock. How do these all fit the image of true goth?

They don’t, and that’s a-okay. So what do you have to do to continue to “be” goth?

Well, it’s up to you these days. And that’s also a-okay. The lifestyle bends around you. You do not bend around the lifestyle.

What I mean by this is – if you consider yourself goth but also adore pink, encorporate it into your lifestyle. If you’ve got a passion for Britney Spears on the side, listen to her! Decorate your house with (live) flowers. Avoid death imagery if it makes you uncomfortable. If you want to be the style, you are the style.

Better the scene you’re in. Anything else is just petty in-fighting. And that’s as simple as it is.


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One thought on “Keeping It Spooky: Thoughts On “Goth” Living

  1. ‘If you want to be the style, you are the style.’

    Coco Chanel could not have said it better herself.

    Tres cool post! 🙂

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