HALLOWEEN – 6 movies, 6 songs, and 6 recipes to get you ready

Halloween is literally around the corner and if you’ve got the time, it’s fun to spend some time the day before prepping a bit and getting yourself in the spirit. If you’ve got a little one, they’ve probably been amping up for it in school, so keep it going with some music, food, and movies. Here are some recommendations to get you started – six of each to keep it festive, and at least one of each will be kid-friendly. Kid-friendly titles are starred (*).


1. The Changeling (1980) – This Canadian horror film features some good characterization admist a ghost story. Fairly spooky, but not over-the-top. You might be able to find this one on Netflix.

2.* Paranorman – Modern and fantastically animated, Paranorman is a story about a little boy who can see ghosts. It’s the teeniest bit spooky, geared towards kids– except for the admission of a few mysterious swear words. Charming, short, and easy to watch.

3.The Conjuring – This modern retelling of an extreme haunting and exorcism follows Lorraine and Ed Warren, a pair of clairvoyants/demonologists who are looking to wrangle the violent spirits in an East Coast home. Very scary.

4. American Horror Story – This anthology started in 2011 and has won award after award. This year’s story, Coven, follows a handful of young witches in New Orleans as they learn about their powers and worrisome, magical context of their situations. Psychologically disturbing but not traditionally scary.

5. Sleepy Hollow (1999) – This is Tim Burton’s retelling of the classic Sleepy Hollow story and it was definitely frightening for its time. Decent in length, not crazy scary, but a fun, easy watch. Look for this on Amazon or Netflix!

6. Bates Motel – This show started just this past year and hasn’t recieved huge recognition, although it is definitely spooky and fascinating. It plays out the life of a teenage Norman Bates – you know, from Psycho. Vera Farma is absolutely killer in it.


1. * Marina & The Diamonds – Living Dead

2. Brandi Clarllie – Raise Hell

3. Florence & The Machine – Seven Devils

4. Lauren O’Connell – House Of The Rising Sun

5. * The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack – This Is Halloween

6. Rob Zombie – Red Red Kroovy (Never Gonna Stop)


1. Witch’s Cauldron Tortellini – A quick cold tortellini salad – with slight modifications, you could serve it hot. Delicious as a side dish.

2. * Quick Ghost Cookies – Easy to make, fun to eat, and pretty, too!

3. * Apple Teeth Treats – Oh look, a healthy Halloween snack. Creepy enough to make eating them fun.

4. Broken Glass Cupcakes – These wild cupcakes have sugar-glass in them. Somewhat intimidating, but definitely fun.

5. Shrimp Cocktail Brain – Healthy, delicious, and somewhat gourmet as well as gross.

6. Eye Soup Recipe – Another doubletake-worthy recipe. This tomato soup has eyes floating in it. 


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