Creepy Decor For Tiny Apartments

So, I discussed some places to find decorations for your house or apartment in the city earlier, but I haven’t touched on actually decorating yet. As I mentioned, decorating in the city can be hard – you have a small space, no outdoor room to put up decorations, and restrictions on what you can put on your building’s face. So how do you go about it?


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I feel like fall decorations go on a sliding scale. If you want some nice fall décor for the season, take Halloween décor and scale it down so it’s watered down and very minimal. If you want straight up Halloween decorations, take fall décor and scale it up like crazy.

Here’s what I mean by this.

The typical Autumn palette is very earthy – deep oranges, maroons, some browns, maybe a few greys. With this in mind, you can pick out sparse Halloween decorations (say, these glittery pumpkins) and set them anywhere – just inside your front door, in your living room, or on a table. Add in something else that suits the theme but doesn’t scream Halloween – like this pomegranate wreath or these fluffy crepe paper balls. Accentuate with something less colorful – try a rich, gorgeous blanket or a new pillow for the couch.

Want more impressive decorations? Just amp it up!

Add in some table detailswall scene setters, and hang a few things from the ceiling – more pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and embellishments, maybe some blood on the tables. All of these work well in areas like the living room and dining room, but what about the bathroom, the hall?

You don’t want your family/your guests to be walking into streamers and knocking pumpkins off counters at every turn, so keep the bathroom minimal. Same with the hall. Think about elegant LED candles for the bathroom and autumn colored towels/rugs – but no wild decorations. Small accents are key. Try leaning a witch’s broom (or better- a cinnamon broom from Trader Joe’s, not available online) in a corner of the hallway or bathroom.  If you’ve got some spare table or counter space in either the bathroom or hall, find some cheap glass vases and fill them with candy.

Something else to remember: your decorating style all depends on how livable you want your house to be. Will they be up all week or longer, or just for a night? Either way, city-goers have lots of options.. as long as they’re inside the house.


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