Halloween Decor Hauls From Walgreens Already?

Hello, bloggers!

I’m Lily and I will be guiding you through the creepy underbelly of San Francisco via haunted locale coverage, tours, history lessons, and public opinion. I’m a pretty passionate lady about spooky things and I was born and raised in San Francisco, so it’s natural that the two should go together. I’ll also be dabbling in decorating and holiday events, especially for Halloween, since it’s coming up.

To start us off, let’s talk about Halloween supplies.

So, as it stands, it’s the middle of September.

Halloween is about a month and two weeks away but already, there are endless bags of Halloween candy at Walgreens and over the past week, the boxes on the shelves have been unfolding into plastic cauldrons, glittery pumpkins, rubber bats, and bottles of ghosts.

Looks like it’s not too early to start decorating! Everyone complains that big store chains start stocking up too early — there are whispers that the downtown Target already has Christmas decorations. This might be a stretch, even for me.

But I think it’s brilliant for Halloween, because look what you can come away with early:


Most of us in the city are crammed into apartments, which makes trick-or-treating and decorating somewhat hard. Your windows are your strongest feature, in this case. If you live in a single– or a double-tenant house (like you lucky folks out in the Sunset do), you can also decorate the stairs.

This post is dedicated to those who are dying to spookify their spaces but don’t know where to turn. This can also be used as a resource for off-season spookifying. Spookify isn’t a word. Don’t quote me. We’ll do some design & presentation ideas later on. For now, it’s all about gathering resources and hunting down decor!

So where do we get things to spookify our spaces? (How many times can I say that before you alt-tab?)

We hit up Walgreens, first off. Before Spirit has even sprung up. Wild. WILD. Walgreens has different holiday decor every year, so don’t expect to see duplicates. The quality ranges from adorable and amazing to atrocious and confusing. (See: “Reaper on a Bicycle” figurine, available at most Walgreens. What the hell is that?)

My personal list of favorites from Walgreens this season: 

1. “SPOOKY” Wooden Glitter Deco Plaques

2. Black/Orange Glitter Pumpkins

3. “My Pet Ghost” Bottles (watch out, these ones are loud!)

4. Oversized Bat Wreaths

5. Black Deco Candleholders


One of the big tragedies of this city is the lack of crafting stores. I mean big name crafting stores. Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Beverley’s. We’ve got Flax and a few other art stores, but we are seriously lacking in everything-under-the-sun craft supply stores, which really impedes our holiday decorating. (And it doesn’t help that these stores generally don’t put their little Halloween things on their websites.) Unless you want to venture outside the city, your best bet is DIY adventures or oddity shops.

Potential decor resources:

1. Loved to Death (http://www.lovedtodeath.com/)

2. Terrasol (http://terrasolsf.com/halloween/)

3. The Dreaming Room (http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-dreaming-room-san-francisco)

4. Fantastico (http://www.fantasticosf.com/halloween.aspx)

In short: Keep your eyes peeled for little Halloween stores popping up around the city- they’re rare, but they’re there. Walgreens is currently our best bet for chic & cheap decorations that can easily be re-purposed to liven up your space after the season is over.


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